The Great Game is an epic story of love, betrayal, and intrigue played out in the drawing rooms of London and the snow-capped peaks of Central Asia. In the spring of 1870, the Haywards, an aristocratic British family await the arrival of their new family member: the wife of George Hayward, currently on expedition in Asia for the Royal Geographical Society. Expecting a fine young woman of aristocratic lineage, they are thrown off kilter when Safia Hayward, a young Indian woman dressed in British attire and sporting an eye patch disembarks the ship.

 The Great Game is the story of how this mysterious young woman with a past steeped in political intrigue, risks her own life to save her husband whose perilous journey has a potentially fatal outcome. Though she has withstood sword fights with horse thieves, battles with warriors, and imprisonment by the Emir of Kashgar, Safia is unprepared for London aristocracy, a world mined with its own hazards. As cultures collide, Safia’s future is put at risk. Using cunning, wit, and help from some allies, Safia plays an adventurous game of suspense, creating a whirlwind of intrigue that leaves a life altering mark on each of the Haywards.


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